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Regardless of your gender identity, you should have access to safe, comprehensive health care. Unfortunately, queer, trans, and gender nonconforming people face discrimination in many aspects of their life, including at the doctor’s office. At Desert Star Family Planning in Phoenix, Arizona you will receive preventive medical care, hormone treatment, transition support, and any other health care service in a safe and welcoming environment. Gender-affirming care with Dr. Taylor doesn't follow a cookie-cutter approach. She focuses on your individual needs and protects your health without judgment or discrimination. Her goal is to help you lead your best, healthiest, and most authentic life. Call Desert Star Family Planning today or make an appointment online for compassionate and customized gender-affirming care.

Gender-Affirming Care Q & A

What is gender-affirming care?

Gender-affirming care is health care that allows you to live in your gender authentically. It's a highly personalized and patient-focused approach to health care for transgender people.

Gender-affirming care is more than medical procedures and hormone treatments. It allows you to access the medical care you need without judgment or fear, building a relationship with Dr. Taylor to ensure you receive the interventions and treatments you require to remain healthy.

What is included in gender-affirming care?

At Desert Star Family Planning, Dr. Taylor provides a comprehensive range of gender-affirming medical care, including:

Wellness exams

Everyone needs annual wellness exams, regardless of their gender identity. Dr. Taylor offers compassionate and gentle exams and cancer screenings. She understands how these exams can be distressing and work with you to ensure your comfort throughout your appointment.

Hormone therapy

Dr. Taylor also provides hormone therapy to help you with your transition. She carefully monitors your hormone levels and the effects of your treatment to ensure you remain safe and healthy during treatment.

STD testing and treatment

Dr. Taylor and her staff offer discreet STD testing and treatment, ensuring that each person feels safe and accepted.

HPV vaccines

Dr. Taylor and her team also provide HPV vaccines. Almost every person who is sexually active will get HPV at some time in their life. While most HPV infections will go away on their own, infections that don’t go away can cause certain types of cancer of the genital organs and throat. HPV vaccination protects against cancers caused by HPV infections. It also protects against genital warts. While Gardasil® was initially approved for patients aged 26 or under, in 2018, the FDA approved the HPV vaccination for patients up to the age of 45. Talk to Dr. Taylor about your eligibility for the vaccine.

Call Desert Star Family Planning today or make an appointment online for compassionate and customized gender-affirming care.