Community Education and Engagement


Our community education and engagement programs address our second and third-priority efforts. We deliver educational content and programs that help people from historically marginalized communities access reproductive health care and exercise autonomy over their bodies and lives. We also engage, build relationships, and mobilize local policymakers, advocates, and community members directly impacted by harmful policies toward Arizona that provide the conditions for people to freely decide when and how to form families and raise children. Our major areas of focus are abortion and birth justice. Abortion and Reproductive Justice education is delivered via invited speakers and informational events. Our birth justice work involves Black doula training and access initiatives. We have content for a variety of organizations and settings. We are located in the Phoenix Metro area but will travel to other locations in the state with notice.

We are also involved in coalition work to further our mission and vision and have the privilege to convene Black Femme-led organizations to form the Empower Alliance for Reproductive Justice. Learn more about the Empower Alliance.

Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Lectures and Workshops

Sample topics include: Health Rights and Justice: Frameworks to Address Reproductive Oppression, Abortion Bans and Maternal Health, Sex, Birth Control, and Reproductive Justice.

Birth Justice Initiatives

We support efforts to increase opportunities for people from historically marginalized communities to become doulas and subsidize doula care for low-income families at rates that ensure doulas earn a living wage. We have done this through pilot programs like the Doula Access Program and have partnered to support Black doulas in Tucson to provide birth education classes for Black families.

Community Events and Expos

We engage with community members through coalition work, table at health fairs and community expos, and collaborate with community organizations to provide educational events. Dr. Taylor, board members, and staff lend their expertise to keynote addresses, panels, and breakout sessions for conferences.


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