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Abortion Training Program 

We provide abortion training through the Next Generation of Abortion Providers Program (NGAPP). First and second-year medical students observe clinical interactions, third-year students' rotations are tailored to their level of clinical experience and may involve performing procedures, and fourth-year medical students and residents perform procedures.

Long-Term Birth Control Program

Desert Star Institute offers long-term birth control with the Liletta IUD and Nexplanon Implant for uninsured people seeking non-permanent contraception. Eligible people, who are registered patients at Desert Star Family Planning Clinic, and do not have public or private assistance for medications may apply for our Long-Term Birth Control Program.

Community Education and Engagement

Our community education and engagement programs address our second and third-priority efforts. We deliver educational content and programs that help people from historically marginalized communities access reproductive health care and exercise autonomy over their bodies and lives.